Frontier mystery

Another agreeable evening exchanging news and prejudices and cheap wine with former colleagues and hunting through the old files to see if we could find anything to get the wheels turning again. Among other things this turned up:

The Foreign Ministry has denied reports that diplomats and officials have been engaged in urgent all-night sessions with senior representatives of the countries concerned, attempting to deal with the allegation that part of the frontier between Ma’addam and Nildrun was improperly established ninety years ago. For almost its entire length the boundary forms a straight line from the northern shore of Lake Marag south-east towards the sea. However at one point it diverges to make an almost completely circular loop into and out of what would otherwise be territory belonging to Ma’addam; immediately afterwards it makes a right-angle turn, again northwards in an indentation extending approximately as far as the loop, i.e. about 2½ kilometres, before turning sharply through 1800 in order to return through the same distance, after which it takes up the direction and orientation which it had before these irregularities. It was assumed that the loop circumscribed a water-hole which traditionally belonged to one of the tribes living to the south of the border. No explanation was known for the other northward incursion, but as the territory was desert with no significant resources, no particular attention was paid to the issue. Now, however, with the discovery that sand can in certain conditions be forced to react with other chemicals, producing a very large amount of thermal energy, the ownership of this land is very significant.

The border was settled at ministerial level in the Tangier conference of 1921; however, preliminary work for the conference was organised and led by the British with some assistance from pre-war Turkish officials, and some have pointed out that the senior British cartographer was called Oswald Ingleton.


Manos, brave fellow, with us again, has asked if we can include something he had run up in the week before being released. Welcome back dear chap! Here in its original format prepared in a cell with 15 fellow protestors is his Eezy-read guide to the mainsprings of modern society as most media editors believe they work in the UK:

how-to-use: obviously, draw the right connecting arrows (from everything on the left to everything on the right; then on round back to everything on the left.)

accelerating/increasing                                increasing/accelerating

banking crime                                              allergies

ratio of porn to truth in news                        Greek national debt

electromagnetic radiation                             extinction of butterflies

junk food                                                      femenism

modern art auction prices                            politicians’ pay packets

psychobabble                                              massive floods

muzak                                                          golf on television

plastic bags                                                 non-banking crime

student numbers                                         rise of neo-fascist parties

traffic pollution                                            xenophobia