Human progress

Speaking at a press conference, General Attila said that the alleged instances of so-called rape and pillage, if they had indeed occurred, could only be the work of a few isolated individuals. They were wholly contrary to the behaviour and code of ethics of the Hunnish horseman. Part of the problem was that ill-intentioned survivors of the incidents were clearly spreading malicious rumours with the sole aim of undermining the morale and security of his horde, and it was also true that many people failed to make the distinction between on the one hand pillagers, who were no better than common criminals, and on the other plunderers who performed a valuable social service by removing assets from those who had illegally acquired them and putting them back into general circulation. Of course in any horde there were bound to be a few rotten apples, and three enquiries were already under way to investigate the true facts of the matter. If it should be found after a thorough investigation that any of those under his command had overstepped the internationally understood bounds of acceptable barbarity they would be brought before a court of the Hun people. In the meantime it was clear that the great majority of inhabitants of the region warmly welcomed the arrival of the Hunnish horde and he was determined to continue his mission of bringing freedom to the peoples of Europe and to promote the development of free trade in slaves and other goods.