INTERIM POSTING : Discard ‘Warnings’

by ammophila

An extraordinary circumstance. Baron von Hollenberg, who generously puts up with us referring to him as the Mad Doctor, has called us from Australia and told us with great emphasis that the text which we posted thirty-six hours ago and which we believed had been sent by him as earlier promised, is a forgery. He had indeed been preparing some material, on a different topic he tells us, and apologises for not having already sent it in, explaining that he had joined a trip exploring a remote region of the outback, had suffered sunstroke and was taken back to Adelaide, where he was ordered to rest up for several days. He assures us that his own genuine contribution will be despatched in the very near future. Who perpetrated the fraud, how, and why are deeply mysterious. Manos suggested it might have been a dummy run to see if the malefactor could at some future date get us to post something which could be made the subject of a profitable libel suit in the British courts, but this seems unlikely as the whole bunch of us put together would not make an interesting target for a machination of that kind, and there is no prospect of that situation changing unless one of Manos’ money-making schemes actually works. The only other faintly plausible theory (Karela’s) is that it was the product of some training course for apprentice spooks, possibly based on ferreting around in our archives, which accidentally ‘went live’. If further information comes to light we shall let readers know. In the meantime we shall post Dr von Hollenberg’s genuine text as soon as it arrives and has been checked for political health and proof of identification.