[change of management]

by ammophila

Editorial note: it is with mixed amusement and satisfaction that I take my leave of this enterprise.  Together with my two brothers I am following the principle we discovered written down explicitly many years ago in my grandmothers’ secret diary.  (Let me add that the spelling there is quite correct.  The two elderly ladies – only the younger one went to prison – were writing in effect a manual for confidence tricksters, and writing it together.)  Their words, in a beautiful old-fashioned hand: ‘Don’t cheat them, join them – after you’ve had a sharp lawyer work out the framework you need to take the assets when you leave.’  The trickle of money flowing in from supporters to the journal was of course hardly worth taking seriously in itself, perhaps just enough in total to keep myself and my brothers in Partagas cigars for a week, but in terms of return on investment it was quite amusing, as the youngsters who thought they were running the show while we merely helped out with financial advice will find out tomorrow.  We in fact had full legal control and came to the conclusion that we had become bored, and the right course was to sell out, to a group headed by a protégé  of a Lebanese friend of ours who tells us the group intend to rename the journal as the ‘Chiangmai chatterer’, a name which makes any aesthetic judgment by myself quite unnecessary. 

   They have asked me to announce that they hope to start their effusions  7-1-2014.

   I feel it would be wrong to close this note without expressing my thanks to the good-natured young staff members of the Wessex Posthorn who did such work as was needed in selecting and editing the postings, and my regrets to Lady F – her friends will know to whom I refer – that circumstances have made it impracticable for us to continue her venture in the form which she had hoped.